Our work and values

On the Domain, respect for the environment is one of our priorities. Since 2014, we are certified «Haute Valeur Environementale» at the highest level and since 2016 « Viticulture Durable en Champagne ». Today, we continue our transition, we are in the « Organic Farming » conversion on part of our vineyard.

Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne logo High Environmental Value logo

More concretely, this means that we are committed to no longer using weed control, insecticide and we only use copper, sulphur and plant products to protect our vineyard.

The wine must be accompanied, raised, we do not have the hand on the taste, only nature decides, but we raise it so that it expresses itself in the best of ways.

Craftsmanship must be the key, the know-how, the hand work is essential to achieve the precision we want.

We want to make wines so that they can make you express an emotion, an unforgettable memory that will mark your life as a taster.

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