The exploitation of Champagne

Located in the Grande Vallée de la Marne, our vineyard of 10 hectares is mainly spread over 3 villages, Avenay Val d'Or, Mutigny and Bisseuil. All three are classified as Premier Cru.

Mostly planted in Pinot Noir (85%), Chardonnay (12%), Pinot Meunier (2%), a tiny part of the vineyard was also planted in Petit Meslier (1%), one of the 4 «forgotten» grape varieties. This grape variety, which, before climate change, had trouble maturing on our lands, brings liveliness and a real freshness to the wines.

Each village has its own terroir. Avenay Val d'Or is hilly and has Southeast to Southwest exposure. Its soils are silty, clayey, and deep in fragmented chalk. The result is Pinot viney.

Our vines planted on Bisseuil give, they, wines of beautiful freshness with an interesting minerality bring not these clay lands of medium depth with a more compact chalk while the terroir of Mutigny brings, through its silts, a little lightness.

For us, the vines must be reintegrated into the heart of the surrounding landscape. Soils must live, breathe, and shelter a rich and abundant biodiversity. They are therefore regularly charred. The vines are grassed, trees and hedges have also been replanted. Our chardonnay plots will be in Organic Cultivation from the harvest 2022 which represents nearly 1ha, the rest of the vineyard also complies with the AB specifications but cannot be converted because some plots too far from our areas are treated in a conventional way by our service providers.

More recently, we tried an organic treatment by Drone on one of our plots of Avenay Val d'Or.

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